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Thermage is a completely safe technique, able to provide outstanding results for all those who wish to recover their lost skin firmness levels, or improve their facial or body appearance without needing to resort to a time-consuming and painful surgical procedure. Thanks to Thermage, relaxed and worn skin is tightened and restored, with a youthful outlook in only one session!

Thermage: Marvellous results!

  • Face and Thermage: Tighter and smoother facial skin. Thermage stimulates and renews your collagen supply, improving the skin's texture and reducing skin relaxation. Using Thermage, you are able to renew and restore the line of the lower jaw. Furthermore, thanks to Thermage you will notice a drastic decrease of wrinkles present around the mouth, in the eyes and forehead. All in all, Thermage can and will make you look and feel younger, refreshed and more beautiful than ever!
  • Eyelids and Thermage: Smooth and tight skin without wrinkles and eyelid ptosis. Results comparable to a blepharoplasty operation!
  • Lips and Thermage: Tighter and smoother skin, full and outlined lips.
  • Body and Thermage: Using Thermage treatments, any part of the body suffering from abnormal relaxation can be effectively treated. For instance, in the abdominal area, Thermage will greatly contribute towards skin tightening and smoothing. Following such a treatment you are able to, among others, decrease your waistline or lift your lower buttocks lines. Other cases where Thermage is recommended are "orange texture" phenomena, firming legs and firming hand or arm areas.
  • Sensitive Area and Thermage: Using Thermage treatments, you can achieve skin rejuvenation and tightening in the vaginal area. Applying Thermage to this area provides superb capabilities towards dealing with relaxed skin in the labia majora (greater, outer lips) and the perineum areas. Childbirth and sudden weight loss may cause the area to be more relaxed than it used to be, however Thermage, along with Vaginal Rejuvenation if required, are able to provide long-lasting, excellent results, and make the sensitive area firmer than ever!
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thermage belly
thermage belly area
thermage eyes
thermage face
thermage face area
thermage sthn koilia
thermage perioxh koilias
thermage koilia
thermage laimos
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thermage perioxh stomatos
thermage neck area
thermage perioxh proswpoy
thermage perioxi prosopou
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