Clitoral Hoodectomy

Excess skin on the sides of the clitoris often causes the clitoris to look enlarged or uneven. Genetics, estrogen, and testosterone exposure can make significant changes in the way the clitoral area appears. This issue is often combined with a malformation of the labia minora (smaller interior vaginal lips), which can be asymmetric or hypertrophic.

As a result of malformations of this type, women may be frustrated with the exterior appearance of their vagina and clitoris – when observing themselves in the mirror -, and of course face day-to-day functional issues, such as being uncomfortable when wearing tight clothes, which tend to increase friction in the area around the clitoris.

Our experts agree on the importance of the female clitoris, as an important element of a woman's day-to-day routine, as well as an instrument of her sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that a certain percentage of the female population are, indeed, considered "clitoral", making use of their clitoris as a method to achieve sexual gratification and orgasm. The opposite term refers to "vaginal" women, who achieve a greater degree of sexual gratification by making use of vaginal stimuli during sexual intercourse.

During a clitoral hoodectomy , our purpose is to shape together the perfect clitoris, which will lift the burden of psychological or functional concerns off your shoulders, during day-to-day activities as well as during sexual intercourse. Once you are in possession of your ideal clitoris, you will notice an increase in your libido and an enhanced degree of psychology in the "sensual play" of sexual intercourse.

Modern scientific methods have provided several options:

Nowadays, any problem related to excess skin on the side of the clitoris can be successfully dealt with, using clitoral hoodectomy . A short procedure enabling the patient to instantly return to her day-to-day activities, it aims to resolve any manifestations of hypertrophic clitoris once and for all, and improve her quality of day-to-day and sexual life.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Bader, and by taking advantage of his considerable experience, you can rest assured – Obtaining the perfect clitoris has never been easier, and improving its appearance as well as its sexual performance has never been quicker!

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