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Regular basis located
in London office

Dubai on the 12th,
13th and 14th of October.

Athens on 31st of October.


Dear friends, I am Dr. Alexander Bader and I would like to welcome you to our website, and to thank you for your visit.


The creation of the Cosmetic V Surgeon website is inspired by our paramount principle of making quality of life of contemporary women a right shared by many, instead of a privilege enjoyed by few. Through my specialized and longstanding experience, I would like to inform you about the secrets of the female body, as well as the methods and techniques designed to help you increase your sexual performance and libido.


Using the holistic coverage of contemporary women's needs as our guide, the Cosmetic V Surgeon website does not constrain itself to the conventional limits of traditional gynecology, but takes bold steps forward, using groundbreaking techniques in the field of "Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery of pelvic floor and outer genitals", aiming to shape and optimize the sensitive parts of the female body, while providing impressive sensual and physical operation improvements. The clinical centers you can find me in are setting the standards in the field of Cosmetic Surgery – Gynecology, in a pan-European and worldwide level.


Our fields of expertise are considered a taboo for some women, while for others they are an ongoing concern! However, the clinical conditions concerning deformation –hypertrophy, asymmetry- or improper operation –tissue relaxation- of the sensitive area do frequently exist, and ultimately decrease the self-confidence of women experiencing them, decreasing the quality of their personal and sexual lives. Quite often, women facing such conditions have learned to live with them, and face adverse effects in their everyday lives, such as a feeling of decreased femininity, lack of interest for sexual intercourse or even a sense of shame whenever wearing tights or swimsuits.


Restoration of the aforementioned conditions which tend to create functional or cosmetic problems does have several options! Contemporary medicine can make use of cutting-edge technology and offer a series of offerings which combine an excellent cosmetic result with a minimal post-operation pain level or discomfort, ultimately improving the daily life, sexual life and self-confidence of any woman!


This website, wholly dedicated to the Cosmetic Surgery of the female body, contains a wealth of information regarding the services available, and will hopefully guide you towards a cosmetic and functional improvement of your quality of life.


With friendly regards,

Dr. Alexander Bader


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Tel: 02081440336

33 Cavendish Square,

Marylebone-London W1G 0PW


+971 (0) 507599137

Health Care City,

Dubai - UAE


+30 210 8944603

+30 6944988357

20 N. Zerva str-Glyfada


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